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We Don’t Need That Kind Of Team In Our Lives

60 degrees in your nation's capitol (capital) this morning. All meteorological indications point to a sunny, joy-filled weekend. I'm rested after a long week, energized and all is right with the world. That is if you can forget giving up a three-goal lead, allowing six power play goals, nine goals overall, leaving your goalie in for eight of them, and sprinting to the penalty box like it was a phone booth with free porn and you were a Pred fan. The only saving grace many of us can claim is that we didn't stay up to watch the carnage. Me? I learned of it driving to work. The display on my Sirius radio tuner flashed "Detroit 4, San Jose 9" and I thought it most certainly was a typo. Some drunken shift worker hit the "9" instead of the "0". Nope. Got to work, opened up the Freep's flashy new website, hunted and pecked to find the Wing coverage buried two-third of the way down the page (the print equivalent of placement adjacent to the classifieds) and threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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Some Showed, Others Didn’t

The plight of a Red Wing blogger.  While most of you sat back with lukewarm, reasonably-priced, yet still satisfying beverages of pilsneric heritage and enjoyed one of the most memorable nights of your hockey-loving lives, I suffered.

You watched The Inevitable occur last night and you enjoyed it.  You’ll nitpick it, because that’s what we do here…but you found it satisfying, appropriate and just.  Me?  I stressed.

Why?  Because I’m a hockey blogger and all I could think about was how bad Christy at Behind the Jersey was going to kick my ass on this one.  Oh, and she did. No one covers Yzerman like Christy.  And you just knew she’d pull out all the stops on this one.  Premium seats at the Joe.  Video coverage.  Minute-by-minute description of events.  Don Cherry chance meetings.  Still coverage.  It’s almost unfair, and I’m more than a little bitter today. 

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Hey 19…Big Night In Hockeytown

With Steve Yzerman it was never a matter of if, but when.

Not if he’d win a Cup, but when would it finally happen…and how many.

Not if he’d come back from whatever injury was ailing him, but when.

Obviously not if he’d retire, but under what conditions and when.  After an eye injury in Calgary, after a lockout, after another devastating early-round loss, after introspection, or just after he’d decided the body couldn’t go another year.

And most certainly not if 19 would head to the JLA rafters, but when.  Has there ever been a more natural ceremony in Detroit than the one that will occur this evening?  When did the certainty first start to seep in, that Yzerman would be the legend he became? 

Was it the OT goal, the hyperbaric chamber, the grimaces in ‘02, the gap-toothed celebration in ‘97, the handoff to Vladdie in ‘98?

My favorite moment?  Yzerman huffing up the right wing last year in a road loss against Carolina

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Cleary’s Day In The Mainstream

Woops. Look out. The mainstreamers are taking notice of our boy Buckets (Dan Cleary…A2Y glossary update this weekend).

Yet, lo and behold, GM Ken Holland and his staff have done another masterful job of keeping the Wings in the upper echelon of the Western Conference, doing so by signing guys like Cleary—a free-agent castoff by the Coyotes coming out of the lockout—and getting surprising returns.

More from SI.

Also, a nice article from The Hockey News. It would appear Cleary’s partying days are behind him, which has led to the success he’s enjoying now.

“To be honest, I don’t think I was any different than the majority of kids who play junior hockey.

“Let’s not beat around the bush, there were nights when we partied. But I don’t think I went overboard. I think the rumors got blown way out of proportion. And when you don’t play up to your potential, that just magnifies it.”

More from THN.


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Rivalries, Eastern Movement, 3rd Period Terror, Friction, Etc.

Late start today. Hopefully this one's been worth the wait. There is so much to discuss today that my tummy aches. I tried to fill it with a block of pleasing cheese, but it didn't seem to do the trick. I ate some soup. Chicken dumpling. Ok. Let's begin with last night, then move forward. A few observations. You watched it, read the game stories, formed opinions of your own...so I'll try to give you something a little different.

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Golbez On Fitzpatrick Saga

Who’s to blame for the sudden drop-off in votes….stubby-fingered Wing fans, or a stubby commish?

Jes Golbez/Hockey Rants

The momentum picked up by the Vote for Rory campaign in the recent weeks has stalled as evil Nicklas Lidstrom has leapfrogged Rory into 2nd place in the All-Star voting race for Western Conference defenseman.

Doesn’t it seem a little fishy that Rory Fitzpatrick (Like a glove) is suddenly in 3rd place? Are Wings fans smartly stuffing the on-line ballot boxes or is the NHL manipulating numbers?

I’m torn.  While I don’t doubt the possibility of a frantic league official ordering janitorial staffers to “click…ok, click again…AGAIN”, I kinda think Wing fans taking this whole thing WAY too personally are the true culprits, if you want to label them that.

In the end though…as I’ve said, we have only ourselves to blame.  Fan voting in any sport is a farce.


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Well Deserved

Greg Wyshynkski at the Fourth Period has named Kukla’s and Off Wing as his co-Blogs of the Year.

Both Paul Kukla and Eric McErlain have changed the face of hockey blogging, turning entertaining Web sites into fully-staffed, must-read daily visits. They’ve also landed some pretty plum gigs — Paul with NHL.com, Eric with NBCSports.com — and have championed the rights of the alternative media to become credentialed members of the press box. Kudos to both on an outstanding, and eventful, year.

What Greg doesn’t say, but I will, is that both Eric and Paul have blazed a path for hockey bloggers.  Their efforts, along with others, have established this medium’s credibility in ways we never would have predicted a year ago.

Congrats to both.

added by Paul at 3:06pm,  Thanks Greg for the props and IwoCPO for pointing this out, it is much appreciated.
Adding both Alanah and IwoCPO to the Korner was one of the smarter moves that I have made, we all look forward to a great 2007.

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Khan(!): Chelios Out

Chris Chelios has apparently fallen victim to the dreaded "undisclosed lower body injury," and won't be in the lineup tonite. He was apparently hurt in the third period Wednesday night. Khan(!) Weblog

It'll be just the second game Chelios has missed this season. Andreas Lilja will replace him. Robert Lang, who missed the last two periods because of a stomach virus, is fine and will play tonight. Mikael Samuelsson skated but won't play until Sunday, Babcock said.
Here's what former Deep Digger captain Ted Kulfan has to say about it in his blog. Kulfan/Detroit News
Have a great Christmas every one, and safe, happy, and prosperous New Year. No hockey talk today or tomorrow. Just enjoy the time with family and friends. We'll get back to hockey quick enough.
Thanks Ted.

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Got Sources?

Oh, the stress.  Counting down the hours until the Wings and the hated Jackets renew their savage hostilities tonite in Nationwide. 

Meanwhile, he who charges idiots to read outlandish trade rumours is at it again.  Failed “musician” and icon of the idiots Dwayne Klessel claims he has “sources” in the Wing organ-I-zation.  These “sources” are feeding him amazing info. 

Anyway, according to a source in Detroit, the Wings have interest in Mike Comrie or Shane Doan.


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Babcock: 4th Line Needs More Minutes

I may be slightly sarcastic in my reviews (or outright fabrications) of Mike Babcock's comments to our DD's, but that shouldn't come across as an indictment on his coaching ability. He's proven himself, last year's Punch in the Face notwithstanding. He's dealt with the losses of Shanny and Yzerman. He's shuffled an injury-plagued lineup the whole year. And he's made good on a guarantee that this team would be tougher to play against. But he still sees room for improvement...from himself.

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