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The Devil Mocks Our Every Step…But Screw Him. We’re Live Blogging Anyway.

Update: Cool.  Darren McCarty’s working the game tonite on Gary’s OLN.

When the winds of Thor blow and all appears dreary, we pull out “No Quarter” and the Live Blog turns bloody.  And that’s a fact.

Here’s a quick review of my weekend, because I know you care…

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Create Your Own Headline For The Wings/Habs Live Blog

Bill asked me (Paul) to put up a post for the game tonight.

He called me from Ann Arbor at about 3:45pm today, sounded depressed, wonder why?

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Mellow Is The Man Who Hosts About 120 Live Blogs Per Year

Panthers in town.  Osgood’s back in net.  Dennis LaRue has just signed up to be a guest hockey blogger on Yahoo.

All is right with the world.

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“Faux”...Interesting.  Do You Use “Faux”?

Well, that was quite the day eh?  The league came out and tried the “intent to blow” reach around.  That didn’t work, because it’s a crock.  But they tried, and now they’re even a bigger piss pot than they were before.  You know our league is the absolute laughing stock of the sporting world when Tony Kornheiser is using it as a punchline because of the May no-goal.

The night it happened, we said it would be interesting to note how various people covered this farce.  In my opinion, how various bloggers reacted said a lot about their character and their product.

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An Unpleasant Reality

I considered not pointing you to this today, because it feels like I’m just piling on.  But this is a post you need to see and it’s a discussion topic we’ve avoided here for far too long. 

On Frozen Blog

I’m not sure how much the NBA would miss the Pistons, the NFL the Lions, or Major League Baseball the Tigers, but I’m quite sure that the NHL would miss the Wings. They aren’t just an Original Six franchise, and the home away from home of Mr. Hockey, among numerous other hockey legends; in a very real sense the Wings are the flagship franchise of the league. But if a city is dying — and Detroit most assuredly is — how can anyone reasonably forecast a long-term future for any sports team there?

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Detroit Media: Zero Outrage.  Fedorov? Plenty

Not surprisingly, Detroit’s dailies offer nothing.  No opinion, no voice whatsoever.  Game recaps, references to the no-goal, but not a single inch of copy from a columnist calling this what it is: gross negligence.

But don’t fret.  The Free Press has some controversy for you.  Forget the kind that takes place a half-mile from your front door.  Let’s go to Russia instead.  Better yet, let’s go to the Russian media.

“I think we could have accomplished even more if it hadn’t been for the jealousy,” Fedorov said of the Russian Five.

Uh, what jealousy?

“On our own team!” Fedorov said. “We were playing great, but they were constantly holding us back by the trunks. They wouldn’t let us pull the trigger. Then, they totally broke up our five. ... I think we would have been able to do what needed to be done in the first two periods, and in the third you wouldn’t even really have to play.”


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Choosing Sides

Now it gets interesting.  Now we see who piles on and who sees this for the travesty it is.  Now we get to see who the bloggers and media members with conviction are…and on the other side of the coin we see who is going to use this as a punchline. 

Wyshynski? You choose the camp he belongs to.  You’ve had suspicions before and it appears they’ve just been confirmed.

Puck Daddy

Beyond Detroit losing a goal, the worst thing about this situation is that it’ll provide further fodder for the tin foil hat society among Wings fans, who are convinced that Gary Bettman and the NHL and the Illuminati and the Stonecutters are all conspiring in some secret cabal to undermine their franchise. Because what business would want one of its most popular, ratings-driving, star-studded franchises to, you know, succeed?

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Well Gary? Your League Is A Joke

2-1 Dallas. Approximately thirteen minutes left in Detroit.  Wrist shot gets by Alex Auld, rests beyond the goal line, under his pads, nestled and a clear goal.  Referees Stephane Auger and Dennis LaRue?  No goal.  No whistle, no mention of the term “intent to blow”...just no goal. 

Oh, but good.  Toronto called.  They’d seen it and the voice of reason jumped in to save the day.

“There is no goal. The whistle was blown to kill the play.”

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Gambling In Havana? Hiding In Honduras? Dad? Get Me To A Live Blog…STAT

Yeah, yeah.  You guys guessed it, and I knew you would. 

And Tyler? Don’t scoff at Blind Faith.  Ever.

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Dammit…No Turco In Hockeytown Tonite

I was gonna type a few words about what a joke Sports Illustrated has become, but you guys are handling that quite well already.

Instead?  Our bitch is riding pine tonite in Hockeytown.  Alex Auld is in net for Bubba, Sr.


Marc Crawford said this is a good place to play Auld, and that Turco is scheduled for tomorrow against Columbus. I never should have assumed I knew what was going on, and I should have asked yesterday about the goalie situation, but there was no indication to me that this was happening.

Turco is healthy and skated extra today.

Oh…and a heads-up for tonite’s Live Blog…


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