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Note To Uncle Mike:  How ‘Bout Buckets?

The smart kids out there, the guys who have spent the last five or six years of their lives going to JV medical school and learning how to count the right amount of pills to slide into a prescription bottle?  They’d probably tell you that, based on their high PCAT and LSAT and SUCKIT scores?  Rosby should be the captain of Team Canada.

Me? I’m not that smart, obviously, and I’m not Canadian(en).  But I’ll go out on a limb and suggest someone who might be a little more effective when it comes to leading a hockey team.

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Genius Via Twitter, Summer Agenda Deemed Success

Look. I understand that Twitter probably isn’t considered a “formal” platform for opinions.  If I want to know what a blogger or a journalist really thinks about something, I’m not going to rely on them to express it in 140 characters.  But, I just saw something that…well it may go down in history.  Check this out.


The 2009-10 Wings will not make the playoffs

Awesome.  Thank you.  Do you need further proof that our Summer Agenda has been successful?


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Losing Count

Are we down to 42 or 41? I’m not sure.  Let’s go with the former, just to make sure our friends in Pittsburgh understand that we want them to have as many Tuesdays with the Cup as possible before reality returns to remind them that “good” teams don’t repeat as Stanley Cup champions.

I’ve got 9 but we need one more and then we’ll start sorting and whittling.  Here are the teams vying for the top spot on the NEW and IMPROVED A2Y Rivalry Depth Chart…Chicago, St. Louis, San Jose, Dallas, Nashville, Columbus, Anaheim, Denver, Pittsburgh.

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Tick Tock: Second Line’s Up For Grabs

So, I guess you can take your pick.  Either a whining little bitch who’d rather be wasting away in Columbus or a player widely regarded by the MSM as Ted Bundy with a mean streak.


Well, my take would be that, at the end of the year, a real good line for us was Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Cleary, and I would expect that would be a line that Mike Babcock would start the season with, and then, you know, Franzen, and Filppula form two thirds of our second line, and then I think it’s wide open for either Bert to go in there, or Jason Williams, I think those two guys would be the leading candidates for that position.


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Naysayers? Line ‘Em Up

It’s been a long time since the Wings won a Cup, so I have trouble remembering how we celebrated it.  I’m sure in some corners of our state, or across this great country of ours that is home to nearly 19 million Wing fans according to recent census numbers, there were parties. 

Glorious events filled with recounts of Wing playoff wins and toasts and firetrucks, blocks of cheddar, warm PBR and dancers “working their way through med/law/stenographer school.”

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Frigging Yawn…See This One Coming?

About as predictable as it gets.  Dive “fans” will now claim that Detroit’s re-signing of Todd Bertuzzi will “re-ignite” the rivalry.  I typically avoid these Examiner pieces, mostly because they’re garbage, but I couldn’t turn away from this one.

Dive Examiner

But, but, but, but, but, but, think of the animosity this signing brings to a dying rivalry. In one fell swoop and with one vicious cheap shot, Bertuzzi ended Steve Moore’s career and established himself as the most reviled athlete in the history of Denver sports. Now he’s signed with a team that was once the Avs’ arch nemesis. This is sheer brilliance, the one ember that could fan the flames of acrimony that made Avs-Wings games sanctioned blood sport.

You might want to ice a team that doesn’t, you know, suck?  That might help “re-ignite the rivalry.”  Just throwing that out there.

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Proof Positive

Today’s signing of Todd Bertuzzi has led to some of the most heated discussion we’ve seen here in a long, long time.  Using three-syllable words to confuse Pens fans is one thing.  Lobbing coherent arguments and points of view at one another within the lifelines of the 19 is another.  Despite our differences, it’s been a great day to be a literate Wing fan.

In my opinion, this is the post of the off-season so far…and that includes any of the manifestos I’ve foisted on you, summer agenda or not.  Shanetx...you are the man.  He’s brought us a frigging essay on why, Big Frigging Bert or not, we have every reason to expect one helluva Tuesday in 43 weeks.

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Let The Debate Begin, And It’s A Duzzi


Via TSN,

The Detroit Red Wings added some size and veteran presence up front by agreeing on a one-year contract with former Wing Todd Bertuzzi.

The veteran forward needs to pass a standard physical to make the deal official. 

The Grand Rapids Press, The Detroit Free Press and MLive.com claim the team was offering a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

There was too much talk, too many confirmations and way too much angst for this NOT to happen.  Jimmy D drunkenly babbled about it then Kenny Holland was left with no choice but to confirm that negotiations with Todd Bertuzzi are real, ongoing and most likely almost finished.

So, yeah.  In the midst of a slow summer replete with defecting Czechs and slow-moving Tuesdays, we now have the return of Bertuzzi.  And just as I felt back in the Spring of 2007?

I like it.  I like that he’s mean and I like that he’s hated.  Even if that means he’s hated in Hockeytown?

Yep. I can deal with that too.


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Excuuzi?  He’s Coming Back…Book It

It ain’t just Jimmy D now boy.  Nope.  Tick Tock’s in on it too and it’s looking more and more like the great divider is headed back to Hockeytown.


General manager Ken Holland confirmed Monday the club is negotiating with free-agent forward Todd Bertuzzi.

“We’re talking to him,” Holland said.

Holland declined further comment, but a league source said the club offered Bertuzzi a one-year deal worth $1.5 million for next season, and that there is a strong indication that a deal will get done this week.

More on this tomorrow.  My gut reaction:  Holland wants him back. He was popular with the leadership on the ice.  If he’s healthy he can be effective.  All other issues aside, if that’s possible, he could be a positive.

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Jimmy D On Record?

So it looks like the team Mouth actually did roar to the Toronto media at the Fan 590.  Thanks to A2Y reader PRS.  And if you are opposed to the Wings bringing Todd Bertuzzi back?  Stand by for the 13:57 mark.

Devellano on Bertuzzi returning to Wings.

Might be time to start tinkering with lines, ladies and gentlemen.

“It’s been a tough year (the off-season). But we’ve signed Williams and I believe we’re getting close with Bertuzzi, a one year-contract, hopefully next week.”

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