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Dale Jr. Never Has This Problem Bubba

Post coming up regarding the lost weekend that was and the state-wide disaster that our goaltending situation has become (Overly dramatic? Sure). 

But first…some riveting imagery from the SoGay Center.  I honestly thought Nashville had turned the corner, left the redneck stereotypes behind. 


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Saturday Digging

1300 start today with Bubba.  I just briefed the family that little should be expected of me today, not with a game in the middle of the afternoon.  The reaction to that statement was less than enthusiastic.

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Still Insane, But Feeling Better

Our Czech Miracle of Absolute Insanity’s feeling better, according to Khan(!).

“Feeling good, very good I would say,’’ Hasek said. “Big progress compared to two days ago. I feel ready to go. Decision will be made if I’m playing this weekend or not.’‘

Asked if he could play Saturday vs. Nashville, Hasek said, “Practice just finished. I’ll see how I feel two, three hours from now, but I could do anything I want on the ice, move any way, go up and down, so I didn’t have any problems.’‘

The DD captain also reports that, not surprisingly, neither Homer or McCarty will play this weekend.

Holmstrom went on the ice before practice and tried to push off hard. It didn’t feel good, so he left the ice almost immediately.

“It’s been a week today, so I thought it was going to be good,” Holmstrom said. “I guess I’m taking baby steps. It’s frustrating.”



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Lessons In Losing Your Press Pass

Updated at 1239 ESTNice reaction to this ditty.  Apparently, Ms. Engel has earned herself the nickname, “little ball of hate.”  Naturally, considering her affiliation with the Stars and Stars fans it’s not original, but…baby steps.  If you go below you’ll see a letter written by one of the A2Y 19 to the LBOH regarding her comments about our boy Ozzie.  I think you’ll find her response interesting.

And, Ms. Engel?  Don’t pick on our goaltenders.  Only we can pick on our goaltenders.


Whoa.  I have a feeling Fort Worth Star Telegram reporter Jennifer Floyd Engel isn’t going to be exactly welcomed in the Stars room when they return to Dallas.  Check this out.

DETROIT—Don’t be too upset about the Dallas Stars’ gutless-pig meltdown Thursday.

They aren’t.

In fact, players seemed pretty OK with gagging away a huge victory against a really good Detroit Red Wings team.



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Cinco De Central De Century De Turco’s All Fetal

Thank you for your patience.  You’re all fine human beings, men and women I would have enjoyed swilling beer with last night watching the game in Crystal Clear High Definition Television!  I’m sure that phrase is trademarked so go back and read it only this time imagine one of those cool circles with a “c” inside it.

Stay with me. I haven’t posted in a couple days, lots of pent up issues that will probably just kind of appear in front of you and make little sense.  I’m warning you.  Plus my frigging cat is running around the house going nuts and I have no idea why.  If Sailor, the fat-ass Black Lab, wasn’t so lazy he’d hunt the bastard down, but that’s just a little too much to ask.

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ALCON:  Regular frequency of posting should return soon, hopefully this evening prior to the Dallas game (which can be seen on HDNet, FYI).  Busy, interesting week in the world’s strongest Navy.

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Like Yours, Homer’s Groin Is Good To Go

Last year we titled a post, “Massaging Your Groin Without Shame.”  That phrase applies today.  Many would say it applies every day. In fact, some would say it’s the state logo of Tennessee.  Not me.  I try to avoid insulting rival fan bases. 

My point?  Homer’s still got his eyesight and, apparently, his groin is ok too.


The ultrasound results are back and showed nothing wrong. The MRI results will be back later today.
Encouragingly, Holmstrom said that after feeling sharp pain Saturday, he felt better on Sunday and better still today.
“It feels better and better every day,” said Holmstrom. “Saturday was so bad. There was no way I could practice. I was worried.”
Holmstrom said that he hopes to be able to practice with the Red Wings, tomorrow.


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Jimmy D Jr.:  Pencil The Wings in For NYC

In the last few months Chris Chelios has become the live, local and late breaking news maker for Wing fans.  Blake to the Wings? Absolutely.  McCarty to the Wings? Yep.  Fedorov to the Wings? Sure.



Wings defenseman Chris Chelios claims the Wings will be playing the Rangers in that rumored outdoor game at Yankee Stadium next season.

“I heard Detroit’s playing,’’ Chelios said after practice Monday. “Awesome, to be part of the last event at Yankee Stadium would be something special.’‘

“Not an exact date,’’ Chelios said. “I was talking to someone (who) mentioned that it might be a done deal already. I hope it is, anyway.’‘


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Sunday Administravia

One, our latest contest has garnered a less than enthusiastic reaction.  Wrong answer.  Design your damn playoff banners and send them to me so I can post them and we can all laugh at our collective immaturity.

Two, the glossary’s been updated.  Some of you will be pleased. Others will be angry (Andrew) that I elected to make fun of you in such a public manner.  As always, your suggestions for improvement can be added to the comment section of this post or emailed to me directly.  Additions you prompted: Ass Can, Anti-Digger, SMOC, BTHIRMFers and more!

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Here’s what I know about chemistry.  In tenth grade I failed it, and I mean miserably.  The innocent young maiden sitting next to me tried to help by drawing the entire periodic table on her thigh then letting me look at it during tests (and only during tests you sick bastards), but even that didn’t work.  I applaud her efforts though.  Sweet girl. Grew up on a farm, then moved to the big city to try to get into acting, only to find talent alone…nevermind.

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