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Game Day Preview: Canucks at Wings

You can't blame Canuck fans if they're still smarting from last week's loss. Six million dollar baby Bobby let in a softy to the Mule and that was all she wrote. Tonite Vancouver, bubbly from a two-game winning streak against the Central JV squads, tries to gain a measure of revenge. We, the impartial scribes here at A2Y, suggest caution though. If you are a Canuck fan, heady with the success of your recent victories against Chicago and Columbus errrr, St. Louis (thanks Andrew), you may want to reminisce for a moment, and recall previous episodes of overconfidence and their unfortunate consequences.

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Protecting The Jewels

I guess when you're the Holland/Babcock brain trust and you sign a quirky 41-year old groin injury waiting to happen, you do so with the expectation that the coming season could very well turn into something of a three-ring circus. You anticipate seven months of shielding your eyes every time he goes post-to-post, and hope for approximately two months, 9 days of reaping the rewards of your brilliant foresight. But when the backup you signed to back-up the last psycho goalie you eventually, and thankfully, let walk gets hurt and can't back-up the current brittle goalie...well, it's time to get creative. And creativity this week means that when Hasek gets a rest, he rests on the bench instead of in the press box. And creativity means that if Joey MacDonald lets in 6 goals in 6 minutes Friday against the Blues (I know, I know...bear with me), the backup signed to bring the Cup back up to Detroit won't be budging.

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Last Season In Hockeytown For Datsyuk?

Clearly, I have no ability to multi-task. I was so focused this morning on the fact that the Detroit papers are ignoring the Fischer story that I skipped over an item that deserves significant discussion. Thankfully, I read the Detroit News message board this afternoon. A post from Attica reminded me of this little issue. It would appear that Pavel Datsyuk's days in Detroit could very well be numbered. If he's not dealt by the summer, it's looking like re-signing with the Wins may not be a possibility when he becomes an unrestricted free agent next July. Khan(!)/MLive

The Wings made center Pavel Datsyuk a contract offer. He rejected it, and his agent, Gary Greenstin, made a counter-offer. The Wings rejected that. "We had quite a difference of opinion and we agreed we'll table (talks) for now,'' Holland told Booth Newspapers. "We're far enough apart that there's no negotiations going on.'' The Wings have had difficult negotiations with Greenstin the last two times Datsyuk's contract was up. Two Russian clubs started a bidding war for Datsyuk prior to the 2005-06 season. He eventually signed a two-year deal with the Wings for $3.9 million a season. Datsyuk is eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. Holland has been trying to get him signed to a long-term deal. "I never moved from my offer,'' Holland said. "After a long period of time, they countered. They have no interest in my offer, I have no interest in their offer. Let's let the season unfold.''
Pavel Datsyuk wanted to cash in last summer. The 3.9 he signed for was based largely on regular season flash and potential to carry this team in a postseason in the future. His performance in that arena, as we know, has been one of the bigger disappointments to affect this organization in the last decade. Any discussions Ken Holland has with Datsyuk's camp are out of curiosity, courtesy or both. If he expects to be paid significant dollars, he'd better earn them in May and June.

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Setback For Kronwall

It's beginning to look like expecting a full season out of Nik Kronwall just may be too much to ask. According to both the Freep and MLive Wings blogs, he's taken a step back in his recovery from a strained groin. He won't play tomorrow night against Vancouver. Khan(!)/MLive

Kronwall still practiced and hopes to return Friday against St. Louis. But, the Wings aren’t going to take any chances. Tomas Holmstrom will return vs. the Canucks, unless he has a setback during the morning skate.
Also, according to Khan(!), the Wings intend to use Dominik Hasek in a backup capacity on the nights he doesn't start, risking the dreaded "cold entry groin pull."

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Osgood Shelved Up To A Month

I happen to believe that if Chris Osgood had been healthy last Spring there would be no "Punch In The Face" entry in the A2Y Glossary. Yes, that means I think that if Osgood had relieved The Martyr, the Wings would have defeated Edmonton. I think that Manny Legace was despised in the Detroit locker room and that a goalie change after Game 5 would have energized the Wings. Energized them to the point that they would have moved on to the second round. Having said that, and caused the COPBA (Chris Osgood Puck Bunny Association) significant joy, I'm a little concerned that another Ozzie injury may bring more trouble with it. Ken Holland said yesterday that Osgood's wrist is fractured and he's out three to four weeks. Khan(!)/MLive

Holland said he doesn't anticipate calling up another goalie, that the team will use Joey MacDonald as Hasek's backup. But, that would force Hasek to dress as the backup in some games, putting him at risk for an injury if forced to enter the game cold. "My feeling is we'll go with the two goalies and Dom will be on the bench when he doesn't start,'' Holland said. "But, that could change between now and (today).''
I'm not particularly worried about the "cold" entry into games. Yes, that's a concern. But everything about Hasek's health is a concern. I worry about Hasek pulling a groin while he pours a bowl of cereal. But I don't stress about it because I think Osgood's a quality back-up. Now I'm going to stress, for three to four weeks.

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Bubba’s On The Hunt

USA Today's Kevin Allen ran an interview with the Big Bubba today. Naturally, the Central Division title came up.

How much emphasis are you putting on winning the Central Division? Trotz: I think it's very important to us. We have been chasing Detroit for eight years now. That's the first step we have to take — to win the division. The division guarantees you at least the third spot. If you don't win your division, you aren't guaranteed anything. You might end up ninth or 10th. I think there are 10 really quality teams.
Let me translate that for you. Here's what Trotz really said: "We realize winning the division means nothing. We know we're making the playoffs regardless. However, my team has a mental hurdle we can't seem to leap over and that hurdle is Detroit. We think we're better but we can't prove it on the ice, or in the standings. Until we do, we can't expect to do jack squat in the playoffs."

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One Year Later?  Huh?

Maybe the Deep Diggers got together in Edmonton, or on the plane back, and made a conscious decision. There had to be some sort of consensus, because while they've been generally apathetic and lazy before...this would be monumental, even for them. It's November 21st, 2006: exactly one year after Jiri Fischer collapsed, died for thirty seconds, and was brought back to life at Joe Louis Arena. And there is not a single mention of it in the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press or MLive.

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Bucci And The Griffs

John Buccigross has a couple Wing references in his mailbag today. * I hope a new Red Wings' rink is better than the Tigers' Comerica Park. Of all the "new" old ballparks built since Camden Yards opened in 1992, Comerica is a second-tier park. I wouldn't expect a new Red Wings' arena for some time. Municipalities are not building millionaires arenas and stadiums any more. Plus, Ilitch probably has a lot of debt from Comerica since he financed half of it himself and the Tigers didn't really draw until this season. * Who are your top five best hockey commentators (both play-by-play and color) around the NHL? I base this on the strength, listen-ability, and likeability of the play-by-play man and the color man. 1) Dallas Stars 2) Detroit 3) Buffalo 4) Vancouver 5) 26 tied for fifth. Hmmm...no mention of Abbott and Costello in Nashville. And, over at On The Wings Megan Hirdes breaks down the freefall in Grand Rapids.

So what’s going wrong? Well, everything, apparently. While Howard hasn’t been horrible, he’s not playing like we know he can-like he did last season. Jimmy was outstanding during the playoffs, but he doesn’t have the same confidence. Liv has been terrible. He lets in weak goal after weak goal, and when he does that, it seems like the team gets frustrated and self-destructs. The offense is not scoring and the defense is not helping the goaltenders.

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Eliot: Analyzing Shot Totals

It's something we've been discussing here for weeks. The paltry number of shots the Wings are giving up, and the small number of those that are of quality, is raising eyebrows. SI's Darren Eliot looks at Detroit's success in that area so far, and how it translates to overall success.

The Wings, tied with Nashville for the top spot in the Central Division with 26 points, have allowed a league-low 20.9 shots-against per game while firing an average of 32.7. That nearly plus-12 disparity is far and away the best ratio in the NHL (see chart below) and, correspondingly, the Red Wings have only been outshot twice thus far.

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Looking Back At The Summer Of Ken

I whined like a little girl. I stomped my feet and pouted and fretted. Free agents were being gobbled up like possum steak at Bubba's. Ken Holland was asleep at the switch!! I invented a cynical term and used it again and again. It's the Summer of Ken. The Summer of Ken is sucking. The Summer of Ken is passing us by. I wrote things like, "tick tock Kenny". Because sitting here in Memphis, with the internet at my disposal and KNOWLEDGE OF MY TEAM, I knew exactly what should be done, who should be signed and, by god, how they should be used. Well, let's take a look at some of the players that would have made my Summer of Ken a bit more palatable, and how they're faring with the teams who--in some cases--got suckered.

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