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I Got More Than I Could Ask For…11 Cups, a 12 of Yuengling And A Live Blog

Oh, it was a barnburner.  Right down to the 1830 deadline.  And I have to tell you, the first band I cast a vote for?  Grand Funk.  Part of me was hoping for Glenn Fry so I could yank out some classic Eagles.  But there will be many other opportunities for that.

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Aha…The Freep’s Stirring It Up

Now this is some good stuff leading up to tonite’s tilt with the Oil.

Detroit Free Press

The numbers were astounding. The only thing more shocking than Edmonton’s rumored offer of as much as $81 million over nine seasons, was that Marian Hossa turned it down.

...“But I had my mind set since the beginning of the free agency that I will go to a strong team. At that point, even with the huge number, it didn’t matter because I know I wanted to go another direction.”

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Buckets Is All Itchy, Red and Kinda Blind

Update: Closing the polls at 1830.  Unbelievable, neck and neck.  Grand Funk and the Motor City Madman.

Grand Funk Railroad
29% (19)
Ted Nugent
26% (17)

Icky, but true.  And that’s Charlie Buckets to you.


Wings forward Dan Cleary was back at Joe Louis Arena, starting off-ice workouts after a rough week dealing with his bad left eye. He can barely open the eye, which still is extremely red. He said it’s painful and itches a lot.

Cleary said it’s not an infection, as they originally thought. The cornea was scratched for a second time last week, before the first scratch healed.

“There’s been a lot of pain in the eye. It almost hurts just to keep it open,’’ Cleary said. “I haven’t done anything this whole week. Hopefully I can get training and skating this week.’‘


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Feeling Controversial?  Who, Us?

The rules of society no longer apply to our Uncle Mike.

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Some A2Y Advice?  Revel In Your Abandon…It’s A Heartbreaker Of A Live Blog

Petty…by a landslide.

Uncle Mike warned us he would.  He told us what the rotation would be.  And he’s doing it again.

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Woops….Sorry About That Barry

Man…we gave it back to Barry last night and next thing you know he’s dumped in the round file.  I guess Tampa wanted more of a character guy, someone who could really set an ethical example, a toe-the-line law abider.

“As for Rick Tocchet, we think this is a great opportunity for him and we believe he’s the type of coach who can take the team to the next level. Our players have a great deal of respect for him.”

Yep. Us too.  A great deal.

I remind you of this comment from last night’s Live Blog.

Melrose needs to remember he’s not a “commentator” anymore.  TB’s gm (Feaster?) must be happy like a puppy to hear his mulleted coach refer to Holland (or anyone else) as the “best gm in the league.”

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Changes In Latitude, Changes in….We’ll See.  It’s A Give It Right Back To Barry Live Blog

A few issues.  First, I’ve decided Live Blogs for road games will feature lyrics specific to the state in which the Wings are playing.  Oh, I know.  It’s nutty.  But that’s who I am.

Secondly, I’ve decided to decree something.  I’m not sure if I spelled “decree” correctly, but decreeing I am.  Any game in which the Wings are outshot, I’m decreeing it a loss.  And my decree will be so public as to snap the Wings out of their bowls of milk (hangovers).

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Because I’m An Honorable Guy

I’ve paid my debt to the PensBlog.  It hurt, but I did it.  And I feel I was able to share some of your sentiments.

November 11th was a great night for hockey. Hopefully, the 6,000 American viewers who watched on Gary’s barnyard-porn/outdoor life network will spread the word that when two great teams get together—even in the regular season—it’s as good a spectacle as you’ll find in sports.

But November 11th doesn’t equal June whatever the hell the day was that we won the Cup. It just doesn’t.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself today.

More here.

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It’s Milk…And It’s Sour, Warm and Full of That Chunky White Stuff

When I was a young Midwestern boy hurtling through my late, late teens and early twenties my friends and I came up with a term for a bad hangover.  Just one word, one syllable, less than a second to say but so descriptive.


Chalky, sour, almost fetid.  Sluggish.  Past the due date.  Unsuitable for consumption and certainly not safe for children.

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Those Are The Memories That Make Me A Wealthy Soul…It’s a Finals Rematch Live Blog

Aloha.  Here’s the wager with the PensBlog girls.  If the Genitalia-less flightless birds win tonite, I’ll be writing the game recap for the geniuses who frequent the C-blog.  Vice versa.  When the Wings win?  You’ll be reading the prose of Charlie and his sorority sisters here tomorrow.

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