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Saw this over on the Emperor’s page and thought it would be nice of me to pull out all the Wing-specific items for you.  It’s almost Christmas and little gifts like that from me to you are going to be pretty common around here.

That’s the kind of guy I am.

Rankings. A bunch of ‘em.  Players, execs, writers all voted.

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Off Night All Around

Something’s starting to make a little sense.  Maybe it didn’t apply Thursday against San Jose, but for the majority of their games this year?

Fighting boredom.


“I think we play way better when we’re down a goal. When the chips are down, we find a way to tie it or win it,” Cleary said.

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How’s The Weather Up There?  Nice Enough For A Live Blog?

The interns are staggering back with reports that weather up in the motherland is less than ideal.

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What Happens When Terry Foster Gets Bored

Good morning Christmas shoppers.  Oh yes.  I’ll be braving it today.  But first… 

Well, lookee here at all the Wing experts coming out of the woodwork after Thursday’s “statement”.  Wojo and Rosenberg were back on the wagon, and stand by for insight because Terry Foster’s a Wing analyst again too.

Sorry to be a party pooper, but the game only meant one thing, really. It meant the Wings got two points for their efforts and the Sharks got none. That’s all. That’s it.

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Jamie Baker: Wings Are Tops In League

Shark broadcaster and former player…Baker’s not buying the spin from Detroit about last night’s contest being one where the Wings went up against the NHL’s “best team.”

Oh, and by the way, Detroit is the best team in the league regardless of how Lidstrom and Babcock try to spin it. San Jose had the best start to the regular season than any other team, but Detroit is the best team until they are defeated in the post-season.


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Well…It Was A Nice Thought

I wish I’d found this for you guys yesterday.  It’s some quality venom from the boys at Fear The Fin.

The Detroit Red Wings. Ponder that name for a minute. Let it marinate in your mouth. Let that red and white seep into your pores, let it consume your soul. Allow visions of Tomas Holmstrom and Chris Osgood to run wild in your mind; lifting Lord Stanley for all the world to see, drinking it’s sweet nectar. Feel the Dark Side coarse through your veins. Accept it as a part of you, permit it entrance to the back of your throat till it becomes almost too much to bear.

Then spit that vile creature out.


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McCollum’s Sights Set on Hockeytown

Check this out. Chris Pope, assistant editor for The Good Point, sent a link to a recent interview he did with Wing goalie prospect Thomas McCollum.  The kid’s been watching what’s been going on in Detroit this season, and in Grand Rapids.

With Chris Osgood showing his age even more as every game passes and prospect Jimmy Howard not blossoming into the stud the Wings expected, all eyes turn to the small town kid.

“I have thought about it a bit,” said McCollum. “It’s extremely encouraging to know that there is some depth there but it’s not a ton. It definitely shows me that there is a spot [in Detroit] if I work hard enough.”


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That Was A Statement?  I’ve Got A Statement For You

And it goes something like this:  Don’t make us wait another two months. 

Don’t make us wait again to see the team we watched last night.

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No Title. No BS.  Just A Live Blog.

Have at it.

This is a biggie.  As big as they come in December.

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The Plight Of The Fan Blogger

It had been too long.  Something like two years.  I wasn’t prepared for it and I’ll admit to you now that I haven’t handled it well.

Losing to Denver was so unexpected, so…startlingly revolting, that I’d pushed the memories of the last time too far away. 

I should have kept them handy.

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