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Ty Conklin’s Your Starter

There’s a large contingent of the 19 heading to JLA tomorrow night to see the Wings take on Sasquatch and the Poultry.  This whole deal has been honcho’d by MOWingsFan19 and he’s been beating the drum for about a month now.  I don’t know how many will be going, or who…mainly because I won’t be one of them so I’d rather just avoid thinking about it.

But I’ll tell them this.  It’s gonna be a conk fest. 


Wings goaltender Ty Conklin will try to stretch his home winning streak to 11 games Friday when he starts against Anaheim, which is in a tough battle to make the playoffs.

Somebody pointed this out yesterday and it’s brilliant:  Chris Osgood has exactly one more game of less than 3 goals allowed than Ty Conklin does shutouts.  Think about that.  Have a ballcap Chris. Keep it on for a while.  Like ‘til mid June or so.

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Good line from Barry Trotz following last night’s game.

Daily Tennessean

“The formula for Detroit is that if they get two power play goals in a game against us, they generally win,’’ Predators Coach Barry Trotz said. “When they get five, they always win.’‘

Detroit went into last night’s game leading the league with a 26.8 PP percentage and left it at 28.1.

Ty Conklin has won 20 for the first time in his career (and is now 7th in the league in GAA at 2.33) while little Oompa Loompa reached the 20 goal mark for the first time.

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Feel Like A Number?  As A Matter Of Fact, I Do…How’s 29 Sound?  He’s Your Starter You Know

That’s just cute.  Little Shea and Stevie and Dannie.  All those pesky neighborhood kids have come back, ready to show the big, bad bully that they’ve had enough.

Bubba’s back in town and the battles in the greater Nashville living rooms have begun.  DVR’d Ricky Lake or Predators/Wings?  Oh, the dilemmas.

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Datsyuk Part 2: And It’s Even Better

I’m going to admit that I was in such a haste to post Puck Daddy’s interview with hockey’s best player yesterday that I didn’t take the time to read the whole thing until much later.

Not today. Just finished part two and it’s actually funnier, as if he was just getting warmed up yesterday. 

Is this your dream to go to Vancouver?

We fly to Vancouver twice a year. So, going to Vancouver is not a dream. 

But to participate in the Olympics and to win - that’s the dream.

Other than your teammates, is there a player in the NHL that you’d love to have as a linemate?

Think, my head, think! [Datsyuk is talking to himself]  I would still like to have Zetterberg on the same line…


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Ingredients Required To Repeat

Interesting read from Philadelphia, of all places.  Rich Hoffman devotes quite a bit of time and space to the ‘97 and ‘98 Wings as he discusses the possibility of a repeat performance from his hometown Phillies.

Philadelphia Daily News

If it was the Konstantinov tragedy that bonded them spiritually, it was a typical mad-scientist move by the great Scotty Bowman upon which the second Cup run was built. Bowman changed goalies. Chris Osgood and Mike Vernon were both on the roster in the 1996-97 season, pretty much splitting time, but when the playoffs began, Vernon played just about all the time and ended up winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP.

So what did Bowman do? He traded Vernon, and Osgood ended up starting and winning the second Cup. Neither guy was viewed as spectacular - the team and the coach were spectacular - but there is no more visible change than the goaltender. And it worked.


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Read The Deke Much?

And I’m talking about the Triple Deke.

Oh, I’ll be back a little later and we’ll talk about some of the same fun stuff that had you all in a lather yesterday. 

But for now?  Wrap your head around this little ditty.

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You Want A Controversy?  Check This Out

So.  I mosied on over to Spector’s a few minutes ago and took this one out for a spin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hossa and Franzen are re-signed kiss Hudler, Samuelsson and Conklin goodbye, and don’t expect to see Chris Chelios back. I don’t blame Holland for trying to keep both and they might accept less than market value to remain with the Wings, but I hope they don’t make the mistake of some other notable teams in investing too much money on too many big ticket players and leave themselves without enough for depth throughout the roster.

That’s our friend Lyle Richardson in response to the Freep and the News’ reports that trade winds could be a-blowin’ and that they could be Lightfoot-like in strength but neither goalie is going anywhere.




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Daddy’s Got Datsyuk

The boys at Puck Daddy have scored.  It’s a one-on-one with the league’s best player.  No Gary…sit down.  It’s not him.

You once told the Red Wing broadcasters that you like to “dangle, dangle.” What the heck does that mean?

Now I am going to have problems with my Russian! How should I explain it? It’s like dancing rock-n-roll with a puck. You pick a puck on your stick and you dance around on the ice with it.

What kind of stick do you use to create your amazing tricks with the puck on the ice?

I use a Reebok stick. For now, I belong to them. As for the curve on my stick, a funny story. When I came to Detroit’s training camp for the first time, I had a Titan4 with a big curve. When the coaches saw the stick, they came up to me and said: ‘Bowman is not going to like it if you get two minutes for using an illegal stick.’ Right there and then, I started to change the curve on my stick to be within the legal limits.

A great Pavel Datsyuk interview…here.

I’ve copied one of the better comments from PD’s interview below.

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Put Your Karma In A Box And Ship It West Where It Belongs

I can’t offer you an explanation as to why your Detroit Red Wings continually lose to Darren Garcia’s Dive.  I can’t.  It baffles me and I’m past the point of trying to analyze it. 

It is, and we all have to do deal with this, what it is.  A regular season bit of strange.  The kind of strange you used to value back in your younger days?

No.  Quirky strange.  Weird and almost laughable strange.

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Tears Of The Clowns? Heck Yes Dive Fans. You’re Invited Too. It’s A Live Blog.

As requested, a Motown reference.

By the way, after reading the Chiefs’ minimalist approach to todays blog, can I assume that this is the Live Blog for the Dives game?

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