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I’m An Elitist and I Pay No Attention To Rumors

But this one, if you believe in counting sources among the MSM, seems to have a pair of legs.  Slava Kozlov returning to his rightful home amongst the banners of Hockeytown?

Wing blogger George Malik at MLive found this in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Now, right now it is more media speculation suggesting he’d be a good fit with the Red Wings, but it’s not out of the question. Before he re-signed with the Thrashers in 2003, Kozlov was interested in returning to Detroit but the Red Wings never made an offer. If they’re interested in the veteran winger this time around, I think they’d have to be the front-runner.

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Monday Administravia

Good morning all. Finals start tonite and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I've been considering this matchup for a week and provide you today with an in-depth analysis. Feel free to add your own, but don't embarrass yourselves. If yours doesn't compare to mine both in depth and seriousness of thought, don't post it. This is no place for half-assedness. Sens in six. Please. A few changes to the port sidebar. I've begun compiling a series of rants that will serve as the 2007 Season in Review. You'll find it under the heading "Reviewing 2007: Sarcasm for the Sarcastic." About halfway done. The rest should be complete within 48 or so. There are also a few subtle modifications to the blogroll: I've added the Wing blog Yzerman Is God to the "Head to Hockeytown" section and Spector's has changed URL's. Find the new one here. Enjoy your Memorial Day, and please take a few to remember the reason most of us aren't working today.

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One More Reminder That The Playoffs Suck

Having a nifty holiday weekend.  Looking forward to going into DC tomorrow and actually visiting the memorials of some fallen heroes.  It is, after all, Memorial Day, in case some of us have forgotten that.

But that’s not my point tonite.  Nope.  As stated, the weekend was going well until an A2Y reader sent met this article…and now I wouldn’t mind throwing up in mass quantities.  Overall, it’s not a bad read.  But a few lines stick out that make me curdle.

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Summer Campaign Starts Today: Sign Ryan Smyth

Handshakes and grades and free agents and insanity.  All hot topics as we peruse the Diggers today, five days after the elimination and a full week since the Kick To The Groin.

The Wings spent the weekend cleaning out their lockers, while Sasquatch makes final preps to play Game 1 of the SCF.  Neat, eh?  Needless to say, I’ll be pulling for Ottawa.  The thought of Corey Perry lifting the Cup is just not pleasant.  And that’s mild compared to how I feel about Pronger doing the same.

But I’m past that.  It’s time to move from the crushed to the hopeful, the soul-wrenched to the analytical.  And I’ve got a plan.  Oh yes.

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24 Hours Later

Updated 0508 EST on 24 May:  This post is going to stay on top today because I’ll be adding to it as I have time and the inclination to do so.  However, there are a few good stories from the Diggers today you may want to peruse.

Wojo:  Wings’ Future Is Bright
Rosenberg: Wings Fans Are Spoiled
Kulfan: Biggest Question is Hasek
Little Mitch the Delicate Genius: Should Hasek Return?

Almost a full day after the conclusion of what I would consider to be a pretty damned good season, and I’m finally in a state of mind to discuss it.  So I gave myself a day’s sabbatical to deal with this thing and I’m reminded once again how pleasant it is to be a fan-blogger instead of a Deep Digger.  As much as I pick on Teddy and Helene and Khan(!), George, Young John and the rest…I wouldn’t have enjoyed their jobs last evening.  Because you can’t follow this team without developing an affection for what they accomplished this year, or how they did it.

So they had to do their jobs, and I’ll bet those jobs weren’t fun.  Oh, I’m not naive enough to believe that a loss didn’t make for interesting writing and reporting. I’m just saying that I’m betting the diggers wanted to see a bit more success.  Like 5 games of it.

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Game 5a

We read the stories, and made our safe assumptions.  We figured that the pain of Game 5 would spur an effort that would leave that disaster where it belonged, in the past.  But, apparently, the hangover was too much.

If you don’t realize that The Kick To The Groin had everything to do with the listless first two periods of Game 6, then you’re misguided.

It stuck with them and they couldn’t shake it until it was too late.  And it wasn’t Lilja’s mistake that will be the wretched memory of this series.  It wasn’t Lilja’s lapse in judgment or the steal from Selanne and that eventual goal.

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It’s Almost Full

Update 2157:  Faithful readers of A2Y know that there is only one available option when the Wings are down 1-0 after 1 in an elimination game.  That’s right, a block of pleasing cheddar. 


I’ve taken that step and I fully intend to eat the entire thing by the ten minute mark of the second.  I expect a positive second because of that personal sacrifice.

Update 1916:  According to Boy Wonder John Niyo, it’s looking bleak for Bert.

But I’d call him doubtful for Game 6 at this point, based on his body language, among other things. He spent 15 minutes in the training room and conferred with team doctors and trainer Piet Van Zant after practice, then left the arena without speaking to the media.

Oh good God.  If you’re looking to board, you must hurry. I can’t say that strongly enough.  The Stress Train is full and I can’t guarantee you a spot.

Keys to victory tonite: I have no idea.  Bertuzzi’s apparently a game-time deal and Uncle Mike can’t form a sentence worth reading.

It’s basically can a guy go, can a guy not go.

Thanks Mike.

But, look below…that bad boy is filling up and if you’re not on it’s your own damn fault.

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Niyo: Lidstrom’s “C"hance Comes Tonite

I’m liking the kid John Niyo at the News.  I like stuff like this:  “There is no handbook. No instructional video. Not even one of those bracelets with the inscription “W.W.S.D.”

What Would Stevie Do?”

I like it because it’s what we’re all thinking today.  What’s Nick going to do?  This is a little more dire than ‘97 against a Blues team that was, well, not really that good.  It’s a little different than a visit to Sergei in the trainer’s room.  And no matter how hard he tries, he can’t fake a wrecked knee. 

I’ll let young John tell you the rest.

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Burnside: Zetterberg On The Verge Of “League Best” Consideration

I’d like to apologize up front for interrupting the self-pity train many Wing fans have decided to step in front of.  I guaranteed a Game 7 last night didn’t I?  Isn’t that enough?  What else can I do for the naysayers, the pessimists who commented with “it was a great run but now it’s over and I’m sad but not so sad that I won’t watch the Pistons what time do they start anyway?”

I don’t know. I just don’t. 

Hey. Scott Burnside says Hank’s the man. 

Zetterberg, 26, has quietly become one of those players around whom you could build not only an offense, but a winner.

“He would be a guy to build around, he makes others better. That is a rare trait that gives a team glue,” one Western Conference scout told ESPN.com this week. “His Red Wings pedigree is going to stick with him no matter where he plays later. So, he goes up high on the list [of top players].”



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Babcock Presser: If Bert Can’t Go, Hudler’s In

Mike Babcock faced the NHL media today. One of the issues was the status of Todd Bertuzzi.

Q.  What’s the status of Todd Bertuzzi?
COACH MIKE BABCOCK:  He’s got spasms, I don’t know how you describe it.  He’s got something wrong with his back.  He couldn’t - he played until I think about partway through the third last night, if I’m not mistaken.  About ten minutes left and then he couldn’t go.  So he was feeling a little better here this morning.  Piet chose to keep him out, but I think he’ll be ready tomorrow.

Q.  If he can’t, will you go with Hudler?

Read more for the entire transcript.

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