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Hey if you’re sad because the KK home page is down, don’t fret.  Smart people are working on it and it should be back up soon.  In the meantime, try this for fun.

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The Captain’s 500th

As the NHL celebrates the 50th anniversary of Rocket Richard’s 500th goal, we will do what we always do here.  Turn it into a Red Wing issue.  Because everything revolves around the Wings, etc, etc. 

My gift to you on this balmy Friday?  Steve Yzerman’s 500th.

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Eat It Lefties

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Slow down.  My use of the term “lefties” has nothing to do with politics. It’s a geographical slang term referring to California…and Ian. You know, the Sharks used to frighten me.  I’d have bad visions of power plays and teal and big teeth and Ronald McDonald chasing me around the empty halls of my elementary school. 

I’m not so scared anymore.

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You Are All Losers

If you’re joining me to stay up for this pivotal October matchup, you have issues.  You need to look yourselves in the mirror and determine just what’s important to you in life.  My god.  You’re up?  You’re all pathetic.

Whatever. Crack ‘em if you got ‘em, it’s a late night West Coast live blog courtesy of Gary Leonore Bettman.

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Pre-Game Info

I’m still recovering from exactly 120 minutes of sleep after the Anaheim game but should be good to go for this evening. Live blog will commence for the matchup with The Team We Used To Not Speak Of at 2145.

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Draper on Verge of Multi-Year Extension

Ken Daniels just reported on FSN Detroit.

Game live blog continues below.

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Poultry Pre-game: Marchant Joins Stillwuzzi

All of our employers can thank one Gary Leonore Bettman for our lack of productivity tomorrow morning…again.  Those of you staying up to watch this game have serious issues.  You, most likely, have to be up for work in roughly 7 hours.  Look at yourselves.  Where are your priorities? 

Exactly.  Crack ‘em if you got ‘em.  Ducky broadcast team just announced Todd Marchant’s out too.  They also said the primary goal is to shut down the ______ line.  Shocking.

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Eur An Idiot Too

The Attendance Dilemma even has the reputable mainstreamers sniffing glue.  Bob Duff, who typically keeps a level head for the Windsor Star, has bought into the Euro-conspiracy.

Study the history of this so-called Hockeytown and one thing you’ll learn is this: They don’t take a hankering to foreigners.

When things went wrong for the Wings in the 1990s, it was always Sergei Fedorov’s fault. Hasek and Datsyuk took much of the heat for last season’s playoff departure.


Whether they come on four wheels or two blades, the Motor City won’t pay for imports.

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Name That Line

Yes, we’re going to make it official.  Name the Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Homer line.  Send in your suggestions and we’ll vote and happiness will ensue, as usual.  What do you get?  Why does it always have to be about “getting something”?  You get the warmth that accompanies seeing your brilliance used again and again within the cozy confines of A2Y.

So you get jack squat.

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While We’re At It…You’re An Idiot Too

So nice to see you. Just when we thought USA Today had come to their senses, here you are again to enlighten us with your glow of genius.

The Central Division looks interesting.

I think that may be the first time in four years anyone’s been stupid enough to actually put that thought in print.  But Ted Montgomery doesn’t stop there.

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