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Just When You Thought He Couldn’t…Kulfan Digs Deeper

With the playoffs around the corner, Ted Kulfan is ramping up the intensity. Tenacious in his quest for any bit of news that would lead to an idea of the condition of the "decimated" Wing roster, he's turned up the biggest story since last year's Lockergate.

"You know everything is made up, everything is about the story, but if you go and have good seats, you see these big guys and they're good athletes," Hasek said. "They can jump, do flips -- I was amazed. They're huge, 6-foot-4, even 7-feet tall, and they're like gymnasts. It's a hard sport, I tell you."
Yep, Teddy's afternoon blog entry...four hours before the Nashville game...breaks the big news that Dominik Hasek's a wrestling fan. Truly a banner day for the Detroit News.

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Bubba Beckons

And so really it boils down to three games, starting tonite in front of a raucous, toothless, mostly related and phonics-challenged crowd of baby-poop clad Bubbas and Bubbettes. As I stated earlier, the Detroit News doesn't care. As I've stated MANY times earlier, 99.9 percent of the state of Tennessee doesn't care either. But the fact remains, they have to play tonite. Little Gary says so, despite the same injuries that plagued the same teams (with a few more thrown in for Detroit) as the last time.

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Is There A Game Tonite?

Perusing one of our Detroit dailys (or is it dailies?) this morning, just glancing, browsing, skimming. You know the drill.  Above the fold, predictable MSU coverage a few days from the tournament.  Not unexpected.  Hard hitting feature on high school refs. Below: a column from Big Bob on the tournament and the drill down on public golf courses.  Is there a hockey team in Detroit?

Nope. Must be a scheduling snafu. No game tonite folks.  The Wings can’t be playing Bubba with the division on the line, right? I’m sure if they were the Detroit News would at least mention it on the Sports front.

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Ides Of March Upon Us

Yep.  As if the occasional three-syllable word doesn’t confuse Bubba enough, we decided to throw a Shakespeare reference in there to really spin their heads a bit.  Who was it, Cassius, Caeser or Brutus that actually warned of 15 March? I don’t remember, and I certainly don’t have the initiative to look it up.  But it is relevant this year, because come Thursday, any hopes the Wings have of securing the #1 seed could be all but done.

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Wings Slowly Getting Healthier

Helene St. James reports in her Freep blog that yet another Wing is on his way back.

Tomas Holmstrom, sidelined since March 4 by an upper-body injury, said Friday he hopes to be able to play Sunday, when the Wings host the Bruins. "I feel really good," Holmstrom said after a good long morning skate, his second straight day on the ice. Holmstrom got hit Feb. 24 during the game against Nashville. "I thought maybe it was a bruise, but it wasn't," he said. "Because I played two-and-a-half games, it didn't heal up during that time."
No word from anyone, anywhere, on a return date for Hank Zetterberg; probably because he's, you know, just a fringe player and not exactly instrumental to any type of regular season/playoff success.

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Your Weekly Dose Of Cheli

Chris Chelios just finished up his weekly segment with Stony and Wojo on WDFN in Detroit.  As you know, they’ve been gracious enough to provide first-use priveleges to us here at The Empire.

This week Chelios discusses the Saskin fiasco, the possibility of playing next year (in Detroit or elsewhere) and his thoughts on the return of Hasek and Samuelsson…including a reference to whether the media was given the real story on Hasek’s injury.

Listen to the whole segment here.

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Moore Mic’d Night Of Incident

James Mirtle made a good point on our post below that Steve Moore is most likely staying silent due to the pending lawsuit.  Well, here’s something I hadn’t heard until today.  Apparently his lawyer has audio evidence...kinda.

It’s now emerged that the NHL had a microphone on Moore on the night he was jumped by Bertuzzi and there’s an audio file in New York of the trash-talk Moore had to contend with. It’s not a stretch to say Moore’s safety was threatened. Moore has filed a $19 million suit against Bertuzzi and it baffles the mind why he hasn’t gone after the Colorado Avalanche. Consider the audio tape as Exhibit A.

More from Adams, including a suggestion to the BJ’s that would rankle some Wing fans.


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Please Send Me The Address

...to NHL Headquarters. Because I might just have a reason to send Gary Bettman some fan mail soon. It would appear that the little bugger's finally seeing the light regarding potential re-alignment and moving the Wings eastward.

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Moore’s Tact

I’ve read a few articles regarding Steve Moore’s comments of yesterday.  He wants to play, but can’t.  He’s frustrated and we understand it, and he’s biting his tongue.

“I think it’s best we avoid that,” Moore said when asked if he would be able to forgive Bertuzzi.

Moore said he feels frustrated that he has been unable to overcome head injuries he suffered in the on-ice attack while Bertuzzi continues to pursue an NHL career with the Detroit Red Wings.

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Closing The Loop

Updated 1015 EST:  Khan(!) has posted the entire THN GM ranking list at his blog.

Seems like a good day to tie up a few loose ends, address a few issues that would typically be in my lane.  Oh,  you know the ones.  Renegade columnists, Wing GM’s, alleged “disharmony” in the Wings room.  But before we get to the Wings, I wanted to make small mention of the consistent pride all Sailors have in the Navy’s participation in our nation’s space program.  You can’t beat statements like this when it comes to improving service morale.

“Crazy, diaper-wearing would-be murderer Lisa Nowak has been fired from NASA and returned to duty as a US Navy captain.”

That, my friends, is what I call fun for the whole family.

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