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I’ll Bet Fonzie’s Groin Never Got Tired

So, I guess it’s “not appropriate” to sit in your front lawn chugging beer while the neighborhood Fall Festivalers parade up and down the sidewalks begging for candy.  I guess it’s “juvenile” to make comments about certain people (adults) who probably shouldn’t wear spandex or the ever popular wench costumes.  And, yeah, I’ve been told that “falling asleep” with your head resting on the front step of your house sends “the wrong message.”

All of that may be worthy of judgment and criticism.  But I can at least say this:  My groin isn’t tired.

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Yes Gary…We Stayed Up Again

Welcome to the brilliance that only weary Wing fans can offer in the midst of a way West swing.  Live blog will be confined to the comment section tonite.  Remember my prediction:  the hype that accompanied the Circus’ arrival in Edmonton can only mean an end to Hank’s point streak.

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You Guess The Idiot

The Emperor’s already posted this over on the KK HQ page, so if you’ve seen it…well, you just sit there quietly.  For the rest of you, yes, it’s time to play….Guess That Idiot.  That’s right, read the characterization of Dominik Hasek below and tell me what blowhard bag of trash wrote it.

Hasek is still his acrobatic, unpredictable self, on and off the ice, but he no longer routinely steals games for his team like he once did, and on more than a few occasions, he costs his team a victory with his wanderings from the crease. He’s easily among the worst puck-handling goaltenders of all-time, and his fairly recent tendency to overplay shooters results in some goals that probably shouldn’t have been scored. Add to this the fact that his health always seems tenuous and you get the profile of a once great goaltender who is on that long descent down from the top of the mountain.

If you really want to know without guessing, and you can’t figure out by my description of him, then click on “is” in the first sentence of his manifesto.  Unfortunately, he’s correct on a few of his points.  But the fact that he included Hasek in his little list is more evidence that with every column he attempts to prove some sort of pathetic disconnect with his Michigan roots.

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Whew…Only 7 Hours ‘til Game Time

Didn’t I say I wouldn’t whine about the schedule anymore.  Didn’t I Gary?  If you’re looking to pass the time before they drop the puck on the other side of the world (but in the same conference…ass), I’d recommend Lowetide.  A good look at the Wings, with a nice tribute to a few legends.

He (Frank Mahovlich) used to barrel down the left wing and release bombs from inside the blueline in a time when goalies could get beaten by the best shooters on that kind of play.

When I was a kid, the Red Wings had really old guys. Alex Delvecchio looked like the guys who lived in the old folks home I delivered papers to when he was still playing in the NHL, Gordie Howe was an icon who seemed to be as old as hockey itself.

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Well…What Do YOU Say?

I’ve spoken my mind regarding the fruitcake idea of Peter Forsberg switching sides from evil to pure.  Now I leave it in your hands.  I’ve created yet another poll, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

By the way, nearly 150 of you voted to determine the stance we should take this season regarding the treatment of the 11 Dive fans in Denver.  Result:  a resounding 84 percent (120/143) of you said we should continue to criticize their ignorance at every opportunity.

You have yourselves a deal. Thank you.  New poll below.

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Would you like me to prepare a list of the reasons why Peter Forsberg will never wear a Wing jersey? I can if you want. It’s not rocket science, or even basic geometry—which I failed. It’s pure logic.  Naturally, the same brand of logic can’t be applied to our Diggers. 

Yes, Forsberg appears ready to play for Team Sweden in one of the 73 international competitions scheduled over the course of the next 81 days.  Yes, he’s probably healthy.  Yes, I admit, he’d be a fine addition to a team in (not quite as serious) need of offense.

But, there’s no chance in hell.  None.

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Welcome To The Hank Show

Prediction:  Henrik Zetterbergs point streak ends tonite.  Oh, you can take that to the bank brother. How could it not?  Hockey hasn’t seen a 24-hour period of hype for one player since Fitzpatrick-gate.  Check the three Detroit Digger Dailies and what do you see? Zeta-fest.  The Edmonton Sun and Journal? All Hank.

Of course, it started in Toronto; as Canadian law dictates it had to. 

Eric Duhatschek wrote yesterday that Zetterberg “may” be the best in the league. James Mirtle agreed soon after, and not so tactfully reminded me via email that he predicted a better season for the future captain than I did.

What follows is a look at the morning in Hank’s World.

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Yes He Is, But For How Long?

Eric Duhatschek of The Globe and Mail asks, “Is Zetterberg The NHL’s Best?”

The answer after 12 games is a clear “yes.”  But the true test remains, and it’s inevitable.  What happens when Monty Babcock’s Flying Circus of Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Holmstrom is broken up in favor of balance across four units?

“For us here, unfortunately, both Mikael Samuelsson and Johan Franzen got hurt,” said Zetterberg, in a telephone interview prior to the start of their three-game Western Canada road swing that continues Tuesday night in Edmonton. “That’s why they put me and Pav and Homer back together and ever since then, we’ve been working good together. It’s going to be fun to see, now that Sammy’s back and the Mule (Franzen) is coming back too, what coach Babcock does.”


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Interesting…The Central Doesn’t Suck

Feeling refreshed today. Thanks Gary.  That’s the extent of my whining on that subject, though.  As DJ pointed out in the comments of last night’s live blog, I have little room to complain watching the game in the comforts of my living room when Wing fans like him are lucky to catch (maybe) four or five games per year on the Armed Forces Network.

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Yes Gary…I’m Still Awake

You know, it takes a certain brand of ignorance to blame Gary Lenore Bettman every time I have to stay up late.  If we were in the Eastern Conference, as baby Jesus intended, there would still be at least one trip to the Provinces each year.  But this one’s easy.  Twice in a span of three weeks?  Yeah, I’m awake.  But I’m pissed about it.  Your Far West live blog starts now.

Actual news…Nik Kronwall’s injured…again.  It’s a groin thing.  Derek Meech makes his season debut tonite.

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