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Saturday Morning Fun

Big, big, big frigging day.  First teeball game of the season.  Birthday/bowling party immediately after. 

And to set the right tone, I just gathered the family around the computer to take a gander at this little nugget.

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Please Forward To Blues Fans

It’s almost too incredible to believe, but—yes—there are fans of other teams out there who aren’t fond of you, or the Wings.  When you have the opportunity, you may want to send them this little ditty, as a reminder that the past, present and the future look a lot alike

It’s going to be a long time before the Wings fail to crack the top eight in the Western Conference or even fall to the point where they don’t own home-ice advantage in the first round.

The team simply mines too many golden nuggets from the latter part of the draft, which is usually barren ground for other clubs (for some teams, anything beyond the first round is a total crap shoot).


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Look. I am sick and frigging tired of all the whining about Nik Kronwall’s hit last night.  I’m going to say this one time and one time only:  He did NOT leave his feet.

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Game 1 Observations

We said it yesterday and last night did nothing to change my stance on this:  the Wings don’t need to play perfect hockey to win this series.  Limit mistakes, generate consistent offense, exhibit a few violent tendencies…and steady play in net.  That’s really all that’s necessary.

Game 1?  Pretty much according to that script, only better. 

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I’m Pretty Sure I Could Beat Up Jordin Tootoo

Someone’s going to.  If not McCarty, then Drake.  If not Drake, then Downey.  If not Downey, then it will probably be me.  Sooner or later, it’s gonna be go time for me and Tootoo.  We’re on a collision course, he and I. 

No. Not really. I’m kidding. I don’t actually expect to fight Jordin Tootoo.  Who do I think I am, an Ottawa beat writer

But if it does go down, I’ve already decided where.  A carnival, both of us wearing those puffy ninja suits.

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I Guess What We’re Talking About Is A Game 1 Live Blog

And here we go.

Live Blog starts now.  My commentary will go in the comment section along with all of yours.  And, honestly, I tend to pace…so don’t expect too much from me.  I’ve been home for almost two hours and have spent every minute in the Hasek Club Car. 

Again: the keys.  Power play.  Taking the violence to Bubba instead of receiving.  And, by god Dom…go frigging completely insane.  Because we dig that.

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All Aboard

Stress Train is now boarding.  Five hours and small change until the puck is dropped in Hockeytown.

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Living In Nashville

So many fascinating human interest stories following Bubba’s rags to riches to rags back to riches and eventual return to rags story this year.  Every one of them brings a tear to your eye. 

Almost lost their team, then the Ekspurts saved it.  Cracker Barrell closed due to plumbing problems, but re-opened two days later in time for the NASCAR qualifier.  Out of the playoff “chase”, then in, out, then right back into it and ready to hit that first round again.

So many stories.  But none compare to this.

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Game 1 Rules of Engagement





, curious minds want to know…we’re going Live Blog tonite.  Starting at 1845. 

Stress Train departs at 1400.

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Downey or Mac?  Uncle Mike’s On The Fence. Or Is He?

The Anti-Digger deserves the benefit of the doubt. If Bruce MacLeod’s proven anything this year, it’s that his word is good—especially when compared to the Diggers.  Apparently, Uncle Mike’s playing it close to the vest as far as Downey and McCarty are concerned.  St. James, Kulfan and Khan(!) all say he’s waiting until after warmup to make his decision. 

MacLeod?  It’s a done deal.

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