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It’s Most Definitely On

I’m breaking my day-following-a-defeat postless routine.

Because I have to show you something.  And it’s hilarious. 

Sometimes you just have to say “well done.” Go here now.

And, yes, as the post title suggests…it’s on.  I refuse to be out-juvied by two sorority sisters from Pittsburgh.

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Updated 0515 EST:  Amazing insight from Marty Turco. 
“I’d like to see that call made a little more often.”

Updated 0250 EST:  Video of the call added below.  What isn’t added are the Wing highlights from the third period, because there aren’t any.  O’Halloran may have made another horrible Holmstrom call but Detroit’s poor play in the first and third period is what led to their fourth loss in a row.
Wings just had another goal called back, just before the end of the second period against Dallas.  If it had counted, a Lidstrom slapshot…of course, it would have closed the gap to 4-3.

But not in Gary’s world. Not in the league where Tomas Holmstrom is called for goalie interference on…this.

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Good Old Marty.  A Perfect Lodger, A Perfect Guest.

And yes, a Beautiful Loser.

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Breaking News: Stars Fans Hate You And They Really Hate The Wings

I know.  It’s hard to handle.  Try to take it in and stay off the bell towers. But they do.

And it’s a deep hate. 

Ready? Move the kids away from the computer.

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Hometown Discounts All Around?

Not much time this morning but I do want to give you a little ditty to start your day.  Yesterday I predicted the departure of Marian Hossa.  Today, because it’s who I am, I’m taking that back.  Based on this.


“I definitely want to settle down long-term, too,” Hossa said. “It’s a great organization. Everyone is used to winning here, and you just want to be a part of it. It’s like big family here.”

Asked if he would take less, Hossa replied, “I’ll be able to let you know soon.”

Franzen also has said he’d like to stay.

These guys are sticking around too.  Bet on it.

Oh. And one more thing.

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In Case You Missed It…

...the first time?

The Zetterberg press conference.  I’m thinking that there are thousands of Puck Daddy and Pens Blog readers who would like to save this and watch it when the hours of sadness come.

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Zetterberg Presser: Watch It Here

Crack ‘em if you got ‘em.  Hank’s re-signing for a dozen (but didn’t practice today).

Should be able to watch it below, or you can follow the URL.  Either way, a good day for The Dynasty.

Remember: this won’t start until 1400, or soon after.

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It’s Official: 12 For…TBD

1257 EST: Updated with Bruce MacLeod’s cap projections.

Don’t doubt Khan(!). Ever.

Detroit Red Wings

DETROIT – The Red Wings plan to host a press conference this afternoon at 2 p.m. ET to announce that the club has agreed on a new 12-year contract with star forward Henrik Zetterberg.

In his sixth season with the Wings, the new deal essentially amounts to a lifetime contract for the Swedish star, who has averaged 30 goals and 36 assists in each of his previous five NHL campaigns. Zetterberg will be 40-years-old when the contact expires after the 2020-21 season.

Thanks to Animal Drew for the pointer, and good job to the DD captain who had the guts to post what he—apparently—knew to be the facts late last night.

And I take that back if the money’s not 72 over 12 like he said it would be.


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Diggers Split:  Hank May Sign With St. Louis For All We Know

Of course, that’s a joke.

Henrik Zetterbeg would never sign with the Blues.  That’s just crazy talk.

But the Diggers?  Someone’s gonna be right. Someone’s gonna be wrong. And the other?  Well, she’s playing it safe.

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All That Remains Are The Faces And The Names Of The Wings Shafted By Little Gary Bettman

1.  You know we, for some very strange reasons, consider this to be a big game.

b.  You also know that when a big game’s on tap, you can’t go wrong with Lightfoot.

3.  That will be the last disparaging remark we make about our league’s commissioner here at A2Y.  It’s done with. We’re over it. The second half and the 12th Cup await us.

It’s time to move on.

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