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Just Say It Dallas

Not a shocker, but Dallas Drake has essentially confirmed his retirement.

“I’m not going to be making any formal announcements until sometime later in July but I’ve always thought it would be nice to go out on top.”

Pretty good story. More here.

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Hi. I’m Back To Irritate You Again.

Yesterday I was bombarded with your hurtful phrases after I suggested the Wings pick up Darcy Tucker.  I’m still recovering from your treatment of me.


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Cap Raised.  Lockout Accomplished Nothing.  Listen To Malik.

1. I’m not backing down from my Darcy Tucker stance.  I may be a village of 1 but I’m sticking to my guns. I like the fact that people don’t like him.  I like that he can score. And considering my original suggestion of 4/year was way inflated and, frankly, stupid. I like it even more.

2. The Cap’s been raised up to 56 and change. 

And George Malik has something to say about it. 

Don’t blame the players when the NHL’s sycophants tell you that it’s player greed that’s driving the cap up—it’s league-wide revenues, which are rising largely because teams are charging fans more and more money for tickets, something that Gary Bettman swore up and down would be stopped in its tracks by a capped CBA.

More from George.

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Note To Kenny: I’ve Got Another One For You

Memo below inspired by A2Y logic Czar, Grampa Pinhead.

Dear Tick Tock,

I know I said I’d leave you alone this summer.  I said this was the true “Summer of Ken.” Your time to relax and enjoy the accolades and the rainbows, the puppies and bonfires and stuff.

But I take it back. I take it all back and I’m not ashamed.

Because Kenny?

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Fun Time For Leaf Fans: October 9th In Hockeytown

Little Gary won’t let you see the schedule for another few weeks.  But thanks to your deep diggers we now know how and when the Wings will open their defense of #11.  Oh wait.  The deep diggers don’t know either, or at least they’re not saying.

But Howard Berger is.

The Fan 590

The full NHL schedule for 2008-09 will be released in mid-July, and it will show the Maple Leafs opening up the regular season with a game at Detroit on Thursday, October 9th.

Might be interesting if the Wings, umm, you know, add another Swede to the roster in the next couple weeks.

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Can You Watch It Yet?

It’s been twenty days. 

Long enough?

This morning was the first time I could bring myself to watch this.  And despite all that followed it in the coming days?

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Vacation Deferred

So I stayed away 4 days. I think that’s pretty good.  And I’d expected to ignore you longer, but three factors forced my hand.

First, the girls at Pensblog said hurtful things.

Secondly, the Professor’s in the Hall, where he belongs.

And third, Denver’s foiled again.  And this one’s funny.

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Workin’ On Mysteries Without Any Clues…It’s A Summer of Stanley Live Blog

Updated 1914,16 June:  Obviously, relinquishing control of this thing was just too difficult.  First pic of the summer added below.

As previously published, I’m on Summer (of Stanley) vacation.  And since I am, I offer you this.

A month-long live blog.  Do with it what you will.


Courtesy of RWBill, and his new VA tags.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

But, allegedly and according to Mick, providence somehow assists in providing what your spiritual advisors determine to be your greatest need.


Because I’d say we have the whole “wants” thing covered.  Now? Well, now it’s up to Tick Tock to determine the “needs”.

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Khan(!) Makes A Bid To Maintain Deep Digger Captaincy

It’s this kind of reporting that keeps Ansar ahead of his peers.

A couple of readers pointed out that the boy on stage next to Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom last night at the Awards Show had on a jersey that read “LINDSTROM.’’ Each award winner was accompanied on stage by a kid wearing his jersey. What was that Henrik Zetterberg was saying about Lidstrom not getting enough credit in Sweden?

A “couple of readers” pointed it out.  Odd.  A “couple of readers” here saw it the minute it happened.  Did you, you know, watch the awards Ansar?

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