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Nice Mike Babock…The Clock Is Ticking

Because, honsestly? The talent on this team does not equal the record.

And it hasn't for two years.

Jeff Blashill is a product of Ken Holland.

And some on this site actually recommend Todd Nelson? Haven't we played that song before? At what point do you admit to yourself that your infatuation with Holland and his "team of advisors" is just not competent?


Fire Holland Fire Blashill. Fire anyone remotely responsible for the state of this team. Loyalty ends where incompetency begins.

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Exactly The Wrong Team, At The Wrong Time, In The Wrong Place…Kenny

I won't be saying much.

And I have a couple reasons.

I literally had no idea there was a game tonite.

And I don't say much when bad things are happening. 

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It May Be Time To Consider The Merits Of Vomiting Profusely

Did I spell "vomiting" correctly? It's not two t's, is it? That's kind of a big deal because the subject of the post is the ONE THING YOU CAN'T SCREW UP because it goes to all the feeds and shit. So, in lieu of spell checking, I'm just gonna hope.

Anyway. Here we are. Same as we ever were. Four losses in a row, just like last year at this time.  Apathy, just like last year at this time. An angry Jeff Blashill, which we don't see enough of.

But, hey, don't you worry Double Eh will save us  He'll rescue you, Kenny. He'll single-handedly bring us back to the brink of mediocrity and we'll sway and swindle our way into the 10 spot. 

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Tick Tock Logic and The Canucks

Apparently, the Wings forward corps is so damn loaded with talent that now-departed Riley Sheahan couldn't find a home amongst all the prolific scorers weaned and accrued by our general manager. This, my 19 friends, is classic Ken Holland.

“He wasn’t getting the opportunity,” Holland said.  “He’s going to get an opportunity in Pittsburgh.”

That, and you can tell by the blind, fawning acceptance of that ridiculous statement, is taken out of a little ditty from the chubby, chapped digits of one Ken Kulfan

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Double A Returning? We’ll See…In The Meantime

It's a Friday night in Hockeytown with the Caps in town. 

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Turning Tides, Shifting Winds, And Our Uncle Mike

I have my NFL Sunday Ticket on auto-renew. Every year it magically re-appears and I watch the Lions and whatever other games are on to my heart's content.  I rationalize that through the huge amounts of money I make every Sunday via Draft Kings (not a plug, just a fact) to support my family. Naturally, I can't confirm any profit and my wife would gently quibble with that statement.

Center Ice? Not so much. It's year to year, kinda like the deals our beloved GM plans to offer anyone under the age of 30.

Last year at this time the Wings were 6-2. I was tempted. Sooooo tempted. But I held off on ordering.  Thankfully I was right because the team that Tick Tock built us was not worthy of my money.

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Live Blog Away

Paul here after receiving a text from The Chief stating his ship has yet to dock.

So, here I am, head spinning and wondering what the Wings will bring tonight?

They haven't beat the Bolts in regular season since 2015.

With that, it is your live blog, have at it.

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Diva In Net: Sounds Like A Reason To Drink

I'm going to the Lions game in New Orleans on Sunday, and I'm worried.  I'm worried that I'm wasting money on a loss and I'm worried that I've never been to a Lions game that they won. I feel superstitious and sickly. I'm gonna go but I wanted you all to know that I may be the game killer. 

Or maybe I feel like throwing up in my very mouth because Petr Mrazek is in goal tonight.

Maybe I predicted last October that Jimmah Tiberius of the Dong Tribe Howard was our best goalie and eventual starter. And maybe, maybe, some of you poked fun at me for that. 

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Blashill Logic Rules The Day

If you're wondering why our most electric offensive player is sampling the Swedish wares instead of warming up in Gary's Glendale tonight? Look no further. 


The emperor brought us that this afternoon, courtesy of Dana Wakiji.

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54 to 12. Oh yes. I’m Going There.

My friends, let me remind you that this is not coincidence.  This is not happenstance or silliness.

Your Detroit Red Wings are undefeated and in first place because Baby Jesus wants them there. He wants US there. 

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