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I NOW Consider Brad’s Wife The Greatest Internet Victim Of All Time

The Detroit Red Wings are playing their "rivals" tonite, the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

I haven't given it more than a moment's thought, because I've been...

(a) mourning Michigan's loss, perhaps the worst basketball game I've ever seen

(b) aware that the Wings haven't beaten the Lightning yet this year because our father, Steve Yzerman, hasn't wanted it to happen and where the Wings are concerned, no matter whichever backward argument I'm making, Daddy gets his way unless his way means being the Wings GM. In that case, Ken Holland had his way and that's why the Wing Way essentially sucks.

(3) I've been much more concerned about Brad's Wife

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Murphy’s Law

Murphy's Law states if something can go wrong, it will. This is the season that it all went wrong. For a quarter century, 19 of us have been gearing up for the playoffs this time of year. Well, 2017 is going to be a lot different.

The Wings will not be making a post season appearance. We will not be boarding the Hasek and drinking ourselves into oblivion. What we will do however, is still show up as the true fans we are and watch the rest of this forgettable season. There are still some bright new players we can enjoy, (as long as they're not benched). We will loudly voice our displeasure at what we have been handed as fans, watching this tragedy of errors and miscues and some just plain bad hockey. Then, plan for next year.

Tonight iis an Original Six matchup so, let's make the most of it.

It's a Live Blog. Bitches!

Lets Go Red Wings!!!!!

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One Dozen Game Days

12 more games left in Mr. Holland's Opus. 

The team you built, Kenny, is on the verge of some Harkness-like shit.

The team you built, Kenny, designed to waste the final years of Hank Zetterberg's career, can hit the links in 12 working days. 

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LB- Wings/Avs

Yes, a 1pm ET puck drop at the Joe today against the Avs.

With that, I know Howard starts, Nosek may play and Callahan is day-to-day.

The Avs, not so good, the Wings, only a little better.

Playing out the string and golf comes early for both teams.

Comment away.

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Honestly, the best I can hope for is the only logical conclusion.

My fairy tale ends like this...

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Blog Away- Avs/Wings

About 21 years ago, these two teams became hated rivals.

Today, not so much but the it still feels good to beat the team in Denver.

May as well win it.

Live blog away while Bill is wearing his softball coching hat tonight.

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It’s March The 12th. Do You Know Where Your Playoffs Are?

Big day today.  Michigan wins the Big Ten tournament in dramatic fashion after an airplane "crash" three days ago.  The Lions steal Green Bay's best offensive lineman.  

And the Detroit Red Wings play a meaningless mid-March game against the New York Rangers.

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The Return of JFH

Your number 1 goalie returns tonight after his annual injury-related vacation.  

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James Howard, the Red Wing number 1 goaltender, returns to the team on Friday.

Not tonight. Friday.

Because when you're shit dead last you can take your time.

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Welcome To Our New World

Spoilers.  That's what we are now.


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